Site of Project : Jinan,Shandong Province
Area of the site: 580 m2
原建筑建筑面积:440 平方米
Area of Old Building: 440 m2
Added Area : 140 m2
Content of Design: Architecture& Landscape &Interior
Program: Residential


Background of Meng-house
Meng-House, a project of reconstruction for a private house, is located in the east of an association row of villa community in Jinan, Shandong Province, where there are mountain peaks which may form a good landscape angle of view. The original construction was the new house which was handed over. This community is the typical nature commodity housing which constructs along with the Chinese commodity housing development universal imitation western-style architectural style's unrest. Based on the above situation, architect has made the pointed reconstruction design to the original construction and the landscape to satisfy owner's physical demands and the present conditions.


Feature of idea
Because the overall style and the building use of imitating western-style community do not have an inevitable inner link with the local nature and the humanities, the reconstruction itself does not have excessively many styles and the style hypothesis in stead of to gain better appropriate conformity to the original construction space and landscape which concludes the indoor outside activity space, in order to promote the spatial quality of the building. Facing the fact which decides regarding the original construction, the new extension' parts have not come up in the style the denial or affirmed.

Designs already neither followed the so-called imitating western-style, nor proposed something new and different in this style. They mannered a juxtaposed way and took temperate altitude to create a new spatial shape of space. They extended a wooden box and a glass box in the different floor which was the elongation of indoor spatial space and outward. Architects attempted to display geography superiority of this land sector completely, and created a dynamic space between indoor and outdoor space which concluded landscape space for the sake of making the indoor space extending to outward and echoing with the eastern mountain peak to relate unique inside with outside. Architects who achieved the building a richer activity space made the architecture itself actually simple.

After the new commodity construction's reconstruction, architects may re-evaluate and regard that the essential significance of style and form of building for person's life, and should seek for content spatial way which is comfortable to most individual and real life. Above all, we could rebuild a healthy way that conforms to our own cultural characteristic life concept and take it as the turning point to propose a question, a question of significance for blind and simple imitating of unclear region and time architectural style of unclear region for the environment to the human beings on Chinese commodity housing present situation.